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Welcome to Brown Family Law and Mediation

Choosing the right lawyer to assist you with a family law matter can be a difficult decision. I practice exclusively in family law, with a focus on separation agreements, marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements. I work to see family law matters resolved efficiently and amicably through negotiated settlements.

Resolution Focussed

My goal is to reduce conflict and maximize the opportunity for a creative and enduring agreement.  

I have extensive training in Collaborative Family Law and Mediation and believe that background leads to a better resolution for all involved, especially children.  In addition, I have twenty years of courtroom experience which provides me with a valuable frame of reference in advising clients.


We have a no-fault family law system in Ontario with rules and guidelines for most issues that arise following a separation.

There is a fairly narrow range of possible outcomes in a family law matter. My role is to assist you through this process and ensure you understand your rights and obligations under the law.  Wherever possible I seek opportunities to create value for both parties in the final settlement.


There are a number of factors to consider when hiring a lawyer, but the most important question for you is whether you will be comfortable with the lawyer you choose.

To that end, I invite you to email my office to arrange a consultation to meet with me personally to discuss your legal needs in detail.


Reflection of his dedication, knowledge and attention to detail

I would recommend Brown Family Law to everyone. Ian is professional and his rates are a reflection of his dedication, knowledge and attention to detail. Ian always makes sure he has time to sit with me and explain this process and address all of my concerns and fears.

Jennifer Reeds

During negotiations he was sharp and insightful

It was my good fortune that I chose Ian to negotiate the separation of my long term marriage. He created impeccable documentation that exhibited his high level of legal expetise. His fees were reasonable and well worth his services. I am grateful for his skills, manner and assistance during this significant event in my life.

Lisa MacPherson