A thorough consultation usually takes forty-five minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of your circumstances and the number of questions you may have. While some lawyers, particularly personal injury lawyers, offer free half hour consultations, in my experience that is enough time to properly advise a potential family law client.



Consultations provide you with an opportunity to decide if you feel comfortable with me as your lawyer. During the consultation we will discuss your situation in detail and, in particular: how I believe your case should be handled; the estimated time frame for completion; how you will be kept informed about the status of the matter; and, the cost of your legal fees. The fee for the consultation is not a retainer or a deposit on a retainer.

I charge $350.00 + H.S.T. ($395.50 total) for a consultation.  That is payable by e-transfer 24 hours in advance of the consultation (I do not have a debit /credit machine and I do not accept cheques for consultations.  If you do not do online banking you can drop off the fee in cash in our secure drop box prior to the consultation).  In keeping with social distancing protocols, all consultations are presently conducted now via telephone or Zoom.    


Please note that at the end of the consultation I may decline to represent you

That rarely happens but you should be aware that it is a possibility if you have a particularly high conflict matter.  I make an effort to limit the number of high conflict cases I become involved in because they tend to consume a disproportionate amount of my office’s resources to the detriment of other clients.  If I decline to become involved I will provide you with a referral to another lawyer.  I no longer take court cases or involve myself in custody disputes.