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Choosing the right lawyer to assist you in a family law matter can be a difficult and often overwhelming decision. I practice exclusively in family law matters and have the experience and skills necessary to ensure that you receive excellent legal representation at a reasonable expense.

Ian James Howard Brown

My strong preference is to see family law matters resolved efficiently and amicably through negotiated settlements. I have extensive training in Collaborative Family Law and Mediation and believe those approaches lead to better resolutions for all involved, especially children.  I have many years of courtroom experience which provides me with a valuable frame of reference in advising clients.

We have a no-fault system of family law in Ontario (similar to car insurance) with rules and guidelines for most issues that arise following a separation. Consequently, there is a fairly narrow range of possible outcomes in a family law matter. My role is to assist you through this process and, wherever possible, seek opportunities to create value for both parties in the final settlement.

There are a number of factors to consider when hiring a lawyer, but the most important question for you is whether you will be comfortable with the lawyer you choose. To that end, I invite you to contact my office and arrange a consultation to meet with me personally to discuss your legal needs in detail. In the meantime, you can learn more about my practice by reviewing the information contained here.

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